Ubuntu Budgie on Macbook Pro (late 2013) - black screen after installation


I’m tryin’ to install budgie on my older Macbook Pro, and would be happy to use it again.
My first try brought me a black screen after (reboot). Is that a known issue?

Thanks, -Tom-

Did you tick the wifi and other third party tickbox during the install?

If you didn’t, suggest reinstall but with that ticked. That will install proprietary graphics drivers such as nvidia if that is what you have.

If you did tick that option, try reinstalling but without that tick box ticked. This will ensure no proprietary drivers are installed.

Okay - I’m just installing the second time with that option. If it crashes again, I’ll try w/o.


No luck… will try “unticked” now… does it matter, if minimal or normal?
Usually I’m a friend of minimal…

Also no success - after removing installation media and rebooting, screen keeps black

Found this article

What tickled me was the observation that everything was black on reboot because the screen brightness was set to zero …

So o am assuming you have brightness function keys? Try using them to see if the brightness changes from black to something usable

Nice try, but it’s not so easy ;-).
Is it possible, that the SSD is not bootable?? I don’t see anything…


This thread also mentions black screen issues and ensuring you have a bootable partition resolved matters

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