Unable to boot - share your thoughts

Hi my pet hate with O/S of any kind, is when easily sorted issues are not flagged by the os messaging functions. For example, if your /etc/stab somehow has a drive that has been removed, system wont boot, but there is no message saying the reason why.
A few days back, for some reason or another an application (I suspect swapspace) used up most of the hard drive, leaving insufficient space to boot. There was no message during boot, the boot procedure simply stopped.
It was an easy fix, but something that a novice could have been totally bamboozled by. A simple warning message, or even intuitive questions like “your system has a drive missing, shall I continue boot y/n?” or “your system is too low in disk space; shall I clear tmp/cache/swap and continue y/n?”

I fully agree with you.

Would be an interesting mini-project if someone wanted to work on this.

Ain’t these kind of messages displayed on the boot screen when there is no logo-animation ?

Sometimes hitting [ esc ] shows the « textual » screen.

A boot-info report generally helps but it’s not friendly / easy UI wise.

Im pretty sure when boot hits a wall, there are no iterative messages. Maybe boot-info could disclose, but not everyone has the nouce to delve that deep; os should not be counter intuitive, but full of onerror logical feedback at the very least.
A typical example would be HERE. Clearly a bit more logic in the boot process would enable the user to either sort or get a more intuitive feedback.

It would be interesting to see how Windows 10 boot errors and feedback if any compare to Linux.