Unable to print multiple pages

Anyone advise? this has just started, and does not matter what client Im printing from eg PDF file or LibreOffice when I select print >1 only 1 prints.
If I print from phone or MS Windows I can print multiple.
Due to this, I believe the printer is fine, but something has happened in Budgie that has changed.
Ive removed and added the destination printer/Canon MB2100 made no difference.
Not sure if this CUPS info helps: |Canon_MB2100_series-540|Unknown|Withheld|81k|5|completed at
Mon 29 Mar 2021 12:24:28 PM NZDT
“File ‘’ not found”

Sounds like a cups issue - but cups hasn’t been updated on focal/groovy for a long time.

Seen similar reports in the past on launchpad.

Quick google - this was reported on linux mint forums. Might give you some ideas how to diagnose what is going on

And found another Canon report Canon MB2740 : print only 1 page - Linux Mint Forums

Muchas Gracias.
I tried all in those threads but after a couple of hours of mucking around, went back to basics, downloaded a driver from Canon (which I had done before) reinstalled and whatever the problem was now seems to be fixed.
The only problem is I have a whole bunch of printers now named MB2160(appended ID) under printer options. Cant seem to get rid of them as they pop up again when I remove.
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