Utility to create and manage « web-apps »?


For some versions now Peppermint OS offers a nice little utility to create and manage « web-apps ».

As Peppermint OS is Ubuntu based, it’s easy to install it on any *buntu all you need is the .deb from their launchpad page ( https://launchpad.net/~peppermintos/+archive/ubuntu/p10-release/+files/ice_6.0.3_all.deb ). It’s a python script, no heavy thing.
Sources are on https://github.com/peppermintos/ice

This is what it looks like ( on Unity 16.04 ) :

…quite self-explanatory.

Notice that :

  • it works with some internet-browsers ( not only chrome/chromium )
  • each web-app may have its own isolated profile ( default behavior with Firefox ) so each has its own passwords, extensions, history, a.s.o. stored in ~/.local/share/ice/

Maybe that could be a convenient little tool to provide in UbuntuBudgie ( or upstream Solus ) ?