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Visual overview of Ubuntu Budgie development


As a team, we are always looking to make things as transparent as possible.

Here is another way to continue this - our development focus

The URL to bookmark is http://board.ubuntubudgie.org/

It is in a KanBan format - if you are not familiar is is a simple “post-it” way to focus on stuff we think should be looked at as a priority (high to low) - together with any progress being made, stuff that needs testing and finally stuff that has been fixed.

This is directly linked to our various GitHub repositories - all issues raised on GitHub automatically appear in the “InBox”. As a team we move them into “Backlog” if we think it meets our 19.04 goals.

After we have plumbed all of the Done items into the release note for the distro we are targeting, the issue is removed from the Done list. This occurs around the time of the release date.

Needless to say - things change everyday - new issues are promoted - issues are pushed forward, or regress backwards. So its a really good view of what we as a team are focusing upon at a specific point in time.

If you yourself can help with anything in the Inbox pile or Backlog please get in touch via the linked GitHub issue.

If you have any questions - just shout.


It’s nice to see a small team with such solid processes – congratulations.