Wake after lock no input

So been distro hopping for a few weeks and had one issue or another. But not with Budgie. The things I need to work, just work. Except this one issue. If I lock the computer or if it autolocks, randomly I cannot unlock the computer. The monitors wake and I see the password screen but nothing responds to input. I can ctrl+alt+f2 and get to terminal and I either just issue reboot or restart lightdm. The computer is not set to sleep. I am not sure what logs or anything you need to help me figure this out so please let me know what is needed.

This is a long standing issue … going back to 2010.

It impacts all derivatives like xscreensaver as well.

Is there any type of workaround? I don’t care about anything on the screen after lock. Losing wip is getting annoying

The only workaround I can think of is simply not lock the screen via budgie-control-center - displays.