Hey guys, it’s my first time here.

I recently installed Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 on my notebook. He’s sensational, the only problem I’m having is wifi.

The wifi signal is weak, I’m on the side of the router and it gets 60% signal.
And when I go to my room, he goes for 30%. And the internet starts to slow down.

Can someone help me solve?


You have correctly raised this on askubuntu.com https://askubuntu.com/questions/1203529/weak-wifi-signal-in-ubuntu-budgie

The other forum you can also raise this question is ubuntuforums.org

Note however there is no info in your question to help anyone to answer it. You need to describe exactly what your hardware is and details of your wifi.

There is a script you should use to gather all the info - you need to post the results of that script with your question on askubuntu

Hi there. This is quite unusual in that Ubuntu is well established and has most wifi drivers covered.
In former times, some notebooks had Windows only drivers for their wifi cards, but its unlikely this applies now.
I’d suggest you follow the fossfreedom script suggestion and post details here after you have checked the following:
1…You dont say, but we can only assume that the notebook runs fine on windows wifi same host? This is a basic question because its unusual that you are getting a weak signal; usually its signal or nothing.
2…Because you are getting some signal it could be a powersave issue. Try this in terminal, and change the value from 3 to 2 and reboot (if no change please enter same command and revert back to default of 3): sudo gedit etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf
3…Please check the model of your notebook and do a google search for ubuntu drivers to check these are current for this model notebook eg: “thinkpad e590 ubuntu wifi drivers”