Wifi in 19:10 drops every 10 minutes

Since I upgraded to 19.10 Wifi stops every app. 10 minutes. I restart the computer and it works. after that stops again and so on. I never had such an issue with previous versions. Moreover, I have a laptop running macOS and Wifi just works fine without any interruptions!

Anybody else noticed this issue? If yes, is there a solution?

My desktop specs are:

Intel Core i5-6400 CPU @2,70GHZ X 4
GeForce GT 730/ PCIe/ SSE2
16GB Memory

Wifi issues are normally either kernel issues (if the driver is in the kernel tree) or DKMS based third-party issues (if the driver is proprietary)

Either way you will need to determine what wifi driver you are using and then report the issue to launchpad. If in doubt run:

ubuntu-bug linux

This will report the issue and you will need to fill in your issue details.

Additionally wifi issues will affect all ubuntu flavours and as such raising this on ubuntuforums.org and/or askubuntu.com will get a much wider audience. Remember to use this script described here to get more details about your system and add that info to your reported issue: