Cannot connect to the 2.4 Ghz side of my router


I am coming from the Linux Mint environment and I have installed Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 on my Dell e6400 laptop. My wireless card has worked in the past with no issues on Linux Mint. However, since installing Budgie 19.10 (previous version does not work either), the wireless card can see my 2.4 Ghz network, however, when authenticating it times out and asks for the passcode again. Connecting on the 5Ghz side no issues.

The installed wireless card is an Intel WiFi Link 5100

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi and welcome.

Linux Mint uses a fairly old kernel compared to 19.10. It does sound like there is a kernel regression here.

The experts for wifi issues are to be found on and My suggestion is to ask your question on both of those forums. Use the following script results when posting your question to help diagnose the issue:

Thanks Foss. Just created the txt file and will be referencing the results from the file.