Wireless adapter not recognized on 23.10


I just put Budgie 23.10 on my old Dell Inspiron. Ubuntu 22.10 ran fine on it.

The topic title is the problem summary.
The problem details and some screenshots are in this google doc:

Hope you can advise!
Jim Moore
Freehold NJ US

Hi Jim,

interesting issue - but definitely very weird.

The experts for this sort of thing can be found on askubuntu.com and ubuntuforums.org

Think most would have you to reinstall the kernel source for broadcom to see what the output is i.e.

sudo apt install --reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source

You mentioned you are a developer … have you by any chance installed a changed version of gcc? That might be an issue.

Well worth also booting a live 22.04 ISO - then go into menu - additional drivers and activating the broadcom driver. Do you see the wifi activating successfully? If you don’t see this working that could mean that there is actually something broken on your broadcom wifi chip.

If you just want an easy life - a small wifi dongle from amazon or ebay could be bought for a couple cups of coffee.

Hi, fosfreedom!

Thanks for your response to my question!

After trying your suggestions, and thanks for making them, I installed a new WIfi card, which solved the issue. (parts-people.com)

Am lovin Budgie, btw!

Jim Moore :wave:

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