Broadcom wifi not working

New user here. I have installed B43 and Broadcom drivers, but other than ethernet I can’t get wifi to work. It works in all other flavors of Ubuntu I’ve tried.

Hi and welcome,

There isn’t any real reason why any ubuntu variant of the same distro series will be different. We all use exactly the same kernel and share the same repos. Different distro series (e.g. 18.04 va 19.10) can change the wifi that are supported.

The experts for wifi issues are to be found on and My suggestion is to ask your question on both of those forums. Use the following script results when posting your question to help diagnose the issue:

I’ve just been through this on a new second hand laptop with a broadcom wifi/bluetooth chip. Had to download a specific .hcd file
It’s not available through the install or software channels because of licensing issues but easy enough to work around.

Thanks, I’ll try it out.
I’m using 19.10

dmesg | grep -i bluetooth | grep -i firmware # Shows Bluetooth firmware issues

To help you find the exact info on version needed

dmesg | grep -i bluetooth # Shows all Bluetooth driver info