Broadcom BCM4331 Wireless driver malfunctioning

Hello friends,

I just installed Budgie on an early 2011 MacBook pro. As often the case, the Broadcom driver doesn’t work well. If I select the one provided under Additional Drivers, the wifi appears to work, but after a few minutes the connection breaks even though it’s showing it as connected. If I attempt to turn it off, it crashes the system. Evidently it’s not working.

I’ve been searching the web for alternatives but I’m a total noob and it only got me more confused. I seem to understand it’s better to install it manually than through additional drivers, but how exactly? Any tips?

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This is a bug and you will need to report this against the broadcom launchpad project

You should note - the driver for this is proprietary - this means is very little ubuntu can do here if the issue is found to be very specific to broadcom rather than another part of the network component stack.

I personally keep a USB-wireless stub dongle so that where there is issues like this I have a backup that works

Something like this

i.e. search for “wireless dongle linux”

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Thank you so much for your reply. Crystal clear.

A little update, it seems that after updating the system the wireless driver is a little bit more stable. It disconnects every now and then but no crashes and it’s usable. However, I’m going to keep testing it for a while and should it keep being too erratic, I’m just gonna buy a dongle as you suggested. Thanks again for the tip!

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