Windows 11 layout

Thinking about adding a “Windows 11” layout to budgie-extras - themes & layouts. Probably just call the layout “Eleven”

Would like someone to have a go producing that layout - screenshot needed using one of the two default “purple” wallpapers showing the layout in action

e.g. “the one” layout

Once the layout is done - just create a screenshot of the budgie-desktop-settings panel applets list so that info can be converted into a budgie.layout file.


What I see above looks more like Unity than Win 11. Is that the example?
Screenshot from 2021-07-16 14-36-57

That’s an example of the kind of screenshot that is needed I.e. use the existing applets, rework the layout to whatever windows 11 looks like and then take a screenshot.

Ok, the screen-shot above is windows 11 as in the current release.It will come with menu centered by default, but the bottom left is optional.

Good good … so just need a reimagined budgie version…

My attempt with default themes and Icons. :grinning:
Icon task-list, centered menu, and some applets. Could maybe do better with a third party theme.

Materia Light , Papirus Icons , and Win 11 wallpaper.

Is the start menu really on the right of the icon list?

Showtime isn’t in that window 11 screenshot.

I can’t really tell from the win 11 screenshot if the logout button is in the system tray

Attached is the system tray layout. I was closer on my second attempt , but had include notifications and raven. One could just enable the power strip in the menu which is not right but left of center icons on Win 11. I just forgot to remove show time for my experiment. Introducing Windows 11 - YouTube

With 3rd party themes and Icons.

The GTK works with Budgie, the icons are a w.i.p.