WPS Office can't open files on NTFS partition

Hi guys!

I use a dual boot system Ubuntu Budgie and Windows 7.
Recently I have installed WPS Office to replace LibreOffice. While using it i found that this aplication can’t open files that are stored in a NTFS partition and i get this error message:

Is there any way to fix this? I know that this is not an Ubuntu problem, but I hope that someone else has found any solution for this.

Check if you are not hibernating in the Windows partition.

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Correct, at least in Windows 10 you cannot access the file system from linux if you forced a shutdown, like holding the power button to force a system shutdown. Usually, it works well if turn off windows by using the “normal” shutdown process.

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I don’t understand how is this related to my problem. I can access from Ubuntu system normally every file that is in the Windows partitions. If i copy the docx or the xlsx file from NTFS partition to my home I can open it with WPS Office without any problem, but i if i try to open that file in the origin folder (Windows 7 Partition) i get an error message. The WPS Office itself can’t see the NTFS partitions with it’s folders and files.
I hope i explained well.

Had a quick Google and others have the same issue - so it isn’t distro specific.

I would suggest pose a question on the WPS Office forums http://wps-community.org/forum/

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I did that, but hope they notice it. It was really a messy forum.

What are you trying to achieve with WPS that you can not achieve with LibreOffice ?

I know it won’t answer your question but it might be easier to find a « solution » regarding LibreOffice which is open-source and actively developed. WPS might be less « quick » to adress problems regarding Linux.

Now maybe we should investigate how is your ntfs partition actually mounted in your Ubuntu system ?
Is it automatically mounted at boot through fstab ?
Is the user - the one who launches WPS - allowed to read and write files on that partition, allowed to execute folders ?

cat /etc/fstab
df -Th

Or maybe WPS just does not use gvfs / fuse / gio to be aware of places…

I suspect compatibility. I myself have had better luck with WPS on certain office docs. But I still try to avoid it if I can (prefer Libre Office).

Hi again!
I found that this problem is only with wps-office installed from snap store. I download the deb file with same version from official site and installed it with GDebi Package Installer. While working with it I notice that it didn’t have the problem with files stored in my Windows Partitions with NTFS file system. So, I think it is a snap problem.

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Aaaah nightmarish snap :-/

Snap app’s are sandboxed and most of the time their default permissions only allow access to your personal folder.

You can set other permissions for each snap app’ through your « software center » and then add permission to access « removable medias » ( meaning any partition your user have access to, and other than the one where your personal folder sits in ).

Snap is future, do they say…


I tried that too, to give all permissions from the Softwate Center, but it didn’t save the changes.

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I’ve fixed this. Go to Software > WPS > Permissions. Enable Read/write files on removable storage devices


Hey everyone!

mcandial’s suggestions for Read/Write files is the best solution to this.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Focca Fossa with a 3.36.3 GNOME version. WPS can’t access the file because the SNAP implementation with the application sets the Read/Write functionality to OFF when extracting content from external HDD’s.

You can see this specification with the file attached.