Snap Permissions

Not sure if this is a generic ubuntu issue or what.
I installed filezilla via snap.
I then went to Settings / File editing / Use custom editor / then did a browse.
When I tried to look a /usr


If I install filezilla via apt there is no problem.

guessing that is normal depending upon how the snap is constructed. Maybe the packagers think there is no reason (from a filezilla point-of-view) for the app to access the hosts protected system folders such as /usr

Hi there. This error is due to the way the snap package author has setup confinement within the snap package itself. This is not really an Ubuntu, or a Filezilla issue (since it is packaged by a third party).

I had a quick look with snap info filezilla and can see that the snap autor is taking bug reports over at

What I kindly suggest is opening a bug report there and supplying the author with the needed info to correct this issue.

Thank you.

The author responded:

"Due to the confined nature of snap apps. currently it is not possible for the FileZilla snap to call an external utility.

A possible alternative is to use the in-snap /usr/bin/xdg-open executable to call the default application for editing but AFAICT this doesn’t work for the FileZilla’s remote file editing feature due to the non-blocking implementation…"

Well that’s too bad. The only way I could think of to get around that would be to add that external application to the same snap (a dependency). But I am not sure what thje effort or technical issues are behind that.


Actually I am a bit surprised as well, seems to be a major hole in the Snap process.

I would not say it is a shortcoming of the snap process. The idea is strict confinement (security). The other option would be for the author to “apply” for classic confinement (full file system access without any constraints). Many people forget that snaps are still under heavy dev.