So what's the deal with SNAP & COMMON folders?

I’m still noobie here. When I download a file from Firefox and specify where I want the file to go, I have the feeling Budgie has other plans.

Say I download a vid from YouTube. To ‘Downloads’.

  1. If I go to the Downloads folder in Files, it’s not there.

  2. If I ask Firefox to reveal the downloaded file location, FF doesn’t take me anywhere but instead informs me it’s in


  1. and wants to open it instead of reveal it (WTF?!?)

  2. And so to actually get to that file I have to manually go get it.

What am I missing people? I want a download to appear where I asked not in some maze of mysterious folders.

Snap’s sandboxing.

It means your Firefox is a snap package, instead of the easy legacy apt package.

Was that snap installation of Firefox made on purpose ?

I don’t think Budgie comes by default with Firefox as a snap… does it ?

Those commands may help :

snap interfaces <snap>
snap connect <snap>:<plug>

to find what can be connected to Firefox ?

sudo snap connect firefox:removable-media

…I did not try myself.

inspiration sources : and

Thanks for reply.

I did not intentionally get snappy. I simply downloaded Firefox from within the software ‘store’ or whatever it’s called.

How big a concern is sandboxing in Ubuntu? I’m not running any virus stuff. Should I be?

Errr… good question… I can’t see the need, but it’s just my - maybe - misinformed point of view.

All these ( ubuntu derived ) stores show snap package before - or instead of - regular apt packages, and that’s a pity.

Did you try any of the commands in the previous post ?

Or you may prefer removing the Firefox snap package, and installing Firefox apt package from official repositories of your distribution…

To remove :
snap remove firefox

To install :
sudo apt install firefox

To browse through packages available from official repositories, you can use synaptic. It’s less « pretty » than a software-store but only deals with robust apt packages management ( no snap, no flatpak, no AppImage there ).

Don’t get me wrong : snap, flatpak and AppImage are nice things. But nowadays not so easy to manage ( sandboxing might not be comfortable, translations may be missing, config’ files moved, need more space on disk, slower to launch… ) Unless your desired app’ only exists in such of these package, I recommend to stick to good old apt packages.

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So I de- SNAP’D WITH SUDO APP. Nice to have my folder structure back


I’ve never used snap and I’ll never ever use snap for the future.
If I need anything I do it over the terminal Tilix:Standard.