Difference between Firefox from browser ballot and software center


I noticed that the Firefox version from the browser ballot of budgie welcome comes with another Icon than the “original” one, which I get when I install the snap from the software center.
Are there any other more important differences between the two?

I also noticed that mozilla provides its own snap packages as a tar ball from their website: Link. There you get version 60 and the software center is still on 59.

So remember there is usually a few days between when mozilla releases a version and when a tested version built specifically for Ubuntu is available - through a snap and/or a debian package.

So welcome always installs the debian package version - so it is native to Ubuntu and the browser integrates fully with the whole desktop.

The snap version is in its own container - so completely sandboxed from the rest of the client. So the security of firefox in a snap is great - just if you are using firefox in an unusual way, you may not be able to integrate in the same way.

For most people who just browse - the snap and debian native version will behave and work the same.

I see, thank you. So the welcome version has its own icon due to the other install method.

Just a quick follow up. Mozilla distributes its own version as a snap package, which seems to be just a tarball containing the snap directory structure. I haven’t used snaps before. How would I install such a snap tarball such that I also get a proper entry in the start menu?

Btw I noticed that it often takes 5 or more minutes after I install a package until the app shows up in the start menu.

Hello @wAuner,

The installation of the snap is pretty typical with sudo snap install firefox. Regardless of the internals of the snap itself - the process (for installation) is the same. Now when it comes to menu entries, this is dictated by how the snap author built the snap. And if they put the *.desktop files in the appropriate place. But that more so is just the “availability” of the menu item. As for the delay, TBH, I need to research that. I’ll have a quick boo over on the snapcraft forum and see if it is a known issue. And if it is not, a bug report may need to be filed. Let me get back to you.

hey, thanks for your reply.

Would sudo snap install firefox not search for the firefox snap in a repository? What I meant is how to install the tarball after downloading it via the browser.

The problem with the delay isn’t limited to snaps, but also occurs when I install packages via apt.

No, that would pull it from the snap store. Maybe I am misunderstanding something here. You are trying to install from a local source? Likely the snap has not yet been build in that format.

Snap packages are distributed through the snap store. There is no download (an I have never seen a method for an unbuilt local source. The snap install will download and install the containerized version of the app.

Now if you have downloaded the source tar and it includes a *.snap file, you could isntall that, but you will nto get any updates, etc.

sudo snap install /path/to/xxxx.snap

But I would just install from the snap store. There is no benefit to installing from a local file unless you authored and built the snap and you are testing prior to pushing to the store.

If I am missing something here, please let me know. :slight_smile:

the delay to adding to the menu is because the developers did not merge back the previous changes when updating the package for 18.04.

I have proposed a fix for this here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-menus/+bug/1765799

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