GIMP can't open hidden files

I assume this is a generic Ubuntu issue, not specifically Budgie. If I need to take it elsewhere, let me know.

I have a png file that is used by an app and held in a dot directory in my home dir. I installed the snap version of Gimp, 2.10.20, from the store so that I could edit that image. I quickly discovered that Gimp would not open it due to permissions, even though they are fine all along the path. I have set the permissions in the snap store so that Gimp can open detachable drives, even though this is in my user dir. I was never able to make it work. I finally uninstalled the snap version and installed v2.10.18 via apt. This form of the app opens and saves that file fine.

Any idea why the snap version couldn’t open a file in a hidden directory?

As far as I understand it, snaps by design cannot see files in dot folders. They represent local config info that should not be exposed to containerised apps I.e. security.

There are ways a snap author can have access to certain dot folders but that permission is only given rarely to very few apps.


As @fossfreedom mentioned, by safety design snap will never access hidden files and anything at the root partition ( unless /home, /mnt, /media and /run/media ).

And of course, snap won’t follow a symlink that targets an hidden file or directory, or unhidden file into an hidden directory.

Only workaround, temporary copy your hidden file to some place your snap has access to.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t realize that about snaps.