19.04 budgie-wm constant cpu load after changing scale

Hello. First of all thank you for great release!

I have two 4k screens with different scaling.
300% for notebook and 200% for external screen.
I’m using only one screen at the time.

I noticed that budgie-wm generate constant cpu load once scaling was changed.
I have tested this issue even without external screen. Just change scaling and you will have budgie-wm at the top of htop at the idle.

nvidia graphics by any chance?

Yes, you are right. Nvidia optimus with performance mode. So Nvidia enabled.
I have no choice cos on Thinkpad P50 Nvidia should be active if you want to use external screen =(


I think I may have seen past reports on this - this probably a mutter issue at a guess - mutter is the window manager - on budgie you see mutter as a “budgie-wm” process.

Please file a bug report on launchpad to report this.

ubuntu-bug mutter

Ok, I will try to report it.

I have checked with intel only, but still have high cpu load for budge-wm and xorg. 10% for each on idle.

I presume on a reboot the scale settings is retained but the idle reduces ? or is it permanently at 10% due to the scale settings - but low if scale = 100%?

After reboot or even logout/login I have normal cpu load for budgie-wm
Scale value doesn’t affect thins issues. It appears on first scale change.

bug was reported

I will try to test it on live usb for gnome3

I just checked on live usb. Same issue presented, but cpu consumption was not to high.

I will recheck on ubuntu live usb 19.04 also

Stock ubuntu 19.04 live usb don’t have such issue.

hmm - this upstream issue then? or could be a new issue. https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/issues/1379

Yes, I read about high cpu load on nvidia. And I can confirm, that. Tested on intel gpu and it eat much less cpu.
But this exact bug looks new for me. There is no such issue if scaling was not changed.

I’ll be honest … without similar hardware its not something that either the Solus team or ourselves will delve into. It will need someone to dig in (somehow) to find out what is going on.

It’s ok, I understand. If you don’t have same behavior, then it’s some edge case.

I will check on live usb if budgie 18.04 have same issue.

Experiencing the same here. Will happen after boot or wakeup.

Graphics is Intel on a HPx360. It has a HiDPI internal display and a normal DPI connected external monitor. Scaling is not set.

This is an up to date 19.04

This will need someone who is experiencing this issue to debug to find out what is going on.

For what it’s worth, on 4k/scaling 200% + frequent changes: Nvidia driver is make fan spin at high speed constanly, on nouveau, didn’ t hear my fan yet and consumption is much, much lower.

Can you give some pointers on how to debug this?

To be honest not really sure.

I’m guessing you can install the debug budgie-desktop packages.

Then run GTK_DEBUG=all budgie-wm --replace &

This will start throwing out debug messages.

Then change the scaling.

Look at the debug messages - hopefully you should start seeing a massive increase - and hopefully the messages will say where in the code the issue is.

As mentioned previously - I don’t believe this is actually a budgie-desktop issue - its a corner case mutter issue that gnome-shell does not impact.

So installing the debug packages for mutter probably should be done as well