20.04 : dropdown tilix terminal and F1 key ;-)


on a 19.10, I had by chance discovered that hitting F12 key launched Tilix as a dropdown terminal.
Well to be honest, it’s my cat who showed me that :wink:

On 20.04 it does not work. So I hit the other Fx keys to see what they do and F1 launched a very inaccurate help page :

Maybe something to disable for the next UBudgie iso.

Regarding the dropdown terminal, any hint ?

Oh and ctrl+ ctrl- or ctrl0 have no effect for zoom in Tilix, in both 19.10 and 20.04.
Only ctrl+mousewheel works.

F12 was deliberately removed in 20.04 due to feedback that it interfered with browser f12 capability.

You can manually add back f12 via settings -keyboard via tiilix --quake

As to f1 … yeah. If you know how to repoint that and launch budgie welcome (not via settings -keyboard) let us know.