Missing Tilix hotkeys in 20.04

I have been using Budgie since 19.04 and Tilix was really one of the bright spots. I have a 4k display and in particular I liked that option+1 would place a terminal in the upper left quadrant, option+2 would place one in upper right, while option+3/4 would put terminals on the bottom. This also worked in 19.10.

Now with 20.04 I still have option+arrows to do left/right, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to make option-[1234] do what they formerly did.

Am starting to delve into the Tilix site documentation now, but wondering if anyone else has already resolved this issue.

To place (any) window in any of the corners/half screen with the keyboard, use shuffler. To activat: main menu -> shuffler control. All shortcuts are listed. Automatic tiling actions on new windows are a future enhancement of shuffler.

Wow, that was amazingly quick - thank you very much!