Getting Tilix icon to open new terminal rather than minimise

Just as the title says, is it possible to change it so when you click on the tilix icon in the taskbar it opens a new terminal session, rather than minimising the one already open? If I can get this working UB might be my new distro.

Pressing the CTRL Key when you click the icon will open a new instance of Tilix.

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Ah cool, thanks. It would be great if icons on the dock could have an option to either minimise or open a new instance. In the case of terminals it makes a lot of sense that one would want new windows.

I’ve spent 17 years clicking to open a new window, and old habits die hard.

tilix also has a semi-hidden quake terminal show/hide feature - I’m not sure what the shortcut is by default (I changed mine), but I very quickly got used to using that mode of terminal access after a similar period of traditional terminal usage.
Maybe that could be worth investigating too?

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@cleary I’m not sure what a quake terminal is, but I’ll do some googling on that. Thanks!

One thing I really like about cinnamon are the hot-corners. My bottom right is set to open a new terminal so just flashing the mouse pointer there does the job nicely.

Just activate the hot-corners applet via budgie-settings and you can define a custom command to open tilix

F12 or ALT+Q are the keyboard shortcuts in 18.04 to open quake mode.

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heh, apparently I’ve abused my contribution opportunity to get my own shortcut in :stuck_out_tongue:

speaking of which, I still need to debug that reset thing (I haven’t forgotten!)

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@fossfreedom cool, thanks. I installed brightside but didn’t know hot-corners were there natively.