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It’s been working well for me for years.

When in the winter I’m lying on the couch under a blanket and too lazy to reach for the keyboard (but the phone is close), I use it to play/pause videos (works instantly) on the computer (HTPC) or even as a keyboard (and mouse) for ad hoc quick stuff.

Or to quickly transfer files between computer and phone.
And I get whatsapp notifications on the computer, which is cool when the phone is a bit further.

I mean, sure, it’s mostly to avoid sitting up or standing up. But it comes in handy in these lazy situations.

So I’m absolutely in for some applet integrating with KDE Connect.

Regarding 5.

My grief would be with vertical alignment and color consistency rather than spacing.
If you look at the caffeine applet, it’s either too low or too high (when steam goes off) and completely screws the vertical alignment. Other applets also breaks the consistency.

For the color, just look at Underdog screenshot in the “Show us your desktop” section, the chat applet icon is completely standing out due to those weird colors (and is also misaligned).
What we want is consistency, and more often than not, it’s difficult to find the trade-off between the fact that you need a specific applet, and that applet completely screwing the right top bar consistency.
Maybe moving to AyatanaAppIndicators will help in that regard though, I have no clue.

In theory yes - but for any distro only the stuff that is directly under your control can this area be tackled. Once you allow third-party stuff to be done together with the ability to change lots of stuff this becomes rather hard to enforce.

App indicators in particular are “third-party” in that regard - the icons are done by the indicator and cannot be controlled by the desktop - or at least I haven’t a clue how to enforce a resizing. About the only thing here that can be done is to include an icon in the default icon-set that would be used in preference to the application developer indicator choice. To-do that would require an inspiring icon-designer to help out.

Yes, I am aware it’s heavily relying on the third-party applet developer. And unfortunately they’re doing their own thing sometimes with complete disregard for consistency.

Forcing an icon (if available in an icon set) to override the developer’s icon would be an acceptable solution.
I’m not an icon designer though, I can merely change an SVG icon object color. Create them from scratch requires an entirely different skill palette. Hopefully someone steps up some day.

Baby steps then. Horizontal spacing is a start. :slight_smile:

⋅ Ooops already mentioned

add an easy way to create « webapp » from any web page ? Something like Peppermint’s ICE https://github.com/peppermintos/ice or https://launchpad.net/~peppermintos/+archive/ubuntu/p10-release/+sourcepub/10465529/+listing-archive-extra It adds a .desktop file in the menu for the web page and opens it like a « normal » app window. Use it for a couple of years, very convenient for things like syncthing, deezer and the likes, online-editors, web-UI for machines and devices…

⋅ fix if possible the weird animation when moving a window from a workspace to another
by [ shift ] + [ ctrl ] + [ alt ] + [ ← or → ]

As it is today ( on 20.04 at least ) window disappears, workspaces slide in background, bringing back the window with the other workspace. It has no visual meaning, sort of.
What do I expect ? Window stays in place on screen, but only workspaces slide in background.
I’d say mutter does not expect there the horizontal sliding, I don’t know how it’s rendered in Gnome ( where workspaces slide vertically ).

⋅ in those times of lockdown and video conference… An automagical tool to turn any (smart)phone into a webcam ? https://semuada.com/articles/geek/221-tutorial-using-your-android-smartphone-as-webcam-in-ubuntu-20-04

Perhaps add this to plank? I couldn’t get it to work in UB but works in eOS.

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Feels a bit of a hack IMHO. Should really be coded into plank properly.

This is probably the area to look in if anyone is interested to pursue this https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/blob/ed8be1697d7dd4f17bae8c4b24091ac0b3c34aa7/src/wm/wm.vala#L1033

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