23.04 : pixel-saver no longer saves pixels?


on 20.04 pixel-saver used to hide top bar from maximized windows.

On 23.04, title-bars remain in the windows.

Buttons and title show as expected in the applet / panel though.

Gnome devs completely reworked x11 support. Unfortunately it has broken pixel saver. Plank is inconsistent. Titlebars are difficult to click. And many other issues.

I have worked on a mutter replacement that resolves these issues. The team is testing this at the moment.

Once we have worked through with buddies upstream we will do a wider announcement.

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FWIW in a regular gnomish-Ubuntu 23.04,

Unite gnome-shell extension still manages to hide window title bars, maybe some idea or code to borrow there ?

No need if we go with my reworked window manager. Pixelsaver will work without needing further changes

Good, good… replacing Mutter sounds like a very big piece of meat !