Adding transparent effect on all windows/forms like Garuda Linux

First of all I would like to say that I love Ubuntu Budgie. It’s fast, secure, bug free and elegant. I have almost replaced my Windows 10 with this.

My question is that I want to add transparency effect on all program windows/form just like we have it in the panel. How can I do it please?

That is a theme issue.

Some themes such as Arc theme have some transparency.

Others like the default Pocillo are called flat themes which mean the windows have a consistent uniform but no transparency.

If you don’t mind green you can try the linked theme.Fantasma -

Transparency without blur behind transparent areas goes against readability most of the time, foreground gets « melted » with background, sort of.

Blur helps « detaching » layers.

Unfortunately, no out of the box blur in GTK. So your best chances to achieve those styles are in KDE/plasma nowadays.