Adwaita - 20.04

In Budgie 20.04, in usr/share/themes there is a folder for adwaita theme but it does not show in Budgie/Styles and gnome-extras does not exist in repo’s. I have bad eyes and have used adwaita for many years because it is a dark theme and has LIGHT text. All the other Dark themes have dark with a few shades lighter text which makes it difficult for bad eyes.
Thanks, Pete

Adwaita has been deliberately hidden because it does not contain any budgie support.

If you really do want to use Adwaita you need to use dconf-editor and navigate to org.gnome.desktop.interface and change the “gtk-theme” to say “Adwaita”

Then open budgie desktop settings - Style tab. select “Prefer dark” and ensure “Built in theme” is used to make sure the panel/raven and other budgie elements use its in-built theme - not Adwaita. Adwaita would then only style applications.

fossfreedom, Thanks for the info, I have only used adwaita because of the white text on the gray. I found Dracula theme to be kinda close. Can you suggest any other dark themes, that are close to the white text in adwaita.
Thanks again

'fraid I’ve never really looked at themes in the same way as you need.

If Dracula works - then please do so - but as stated - you can reuse adwaita if necessary with the caveat as I describe.

fossfreedom, LOL thanks Your time will come too.
I have used ubuntu since 8.04, this is the first budgie I have used. The Budgie Team has done a GREAT job on this distro, thanks for all your work on it.

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