Alternative CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools

Hello mates,

I need to compile SWORDFISH IV and the other related CAT tools but, I couldn’t have made in default CLI.
Is it possible to add these open source tools into Budgie?
Links are below, but due to 2 links restriction, I can list only 2 links.
Thanks in advance.
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Those are very specialised and i have my doubts that they are appropriate as a default in any official ubuntu flavour.

That though doesnt stop anyone wanting to package them into a deb and submitting to Debian.

That’s right.
So, why not the first one here?

Both are specialised imho… maybe you can explain why a majority of Ubuntu Budgie users would be interested in using on a day to day basis.

Not only Budgie users, bot also translators and college students in that field may use it.
The others will come as well.
We deal with big volume files, and need more resources on the go.
You may say go to next door, and I say I think this is the Budgie Policy.