File search like Gnome (How to?)

I’d like to be able to search files the way Gnome does it, but still be using Ubuntu Budgie. I know Catfish File Seach could help me with this, but at the moment it requires a couple of steps (menu > searching > opening Catfish > searching > opening file). I would also prefer if it would look like the run command prompt (ALT+F2). Like a really basic input field for searching files and folders.

How could I make this possible? Is there a simplified version of catfish I could run using a shortcut? I’ve tried searching on Google/Ubuntu Budgie Discourse, but I couldn’t find something like this.

So you could just right click the desktop and choose catfish.

Or you could just set a keyboard shortcut to run catfish

I know about the options to run Catfish from the desktop or using a shortcut. But that still gives me the “full version” of Catfish instead of just a searchbar (like what you get when you press ALT+F2). Is there any way I could make it look like that? Or make the “run command prompt” compatible with Catfish File Search, so I could use it to search for files/folders and not just programs?

Something like albert?

Or ulauncher?

catfish has a bunch of command line options - e.g. if you are using a terminal you could search instantly via

catfish ~/ budgie --start

Thanks for the tips. I’ve tried ulauncher, but wasn’t able to search for specific files (only directories/apps). For me, this doesn’t add any value compared to the default ALT+F2 or Budgie menu search. So for now I’ve added a shortcut to catfish until I find out how to show a simplified version of Catfish. At least I’m able to search for files faster now. Maybe it’s a nice feature for upcoming versions of Ubuntu Budgie to search for files/directories using the menu. Could save quite some time over the day.

I use ulauncher it’s very util