Similar search-tool as in Ubuntu 16.04 unity-desktop by pressing "dash"-key?

Hi, I used unity for several years and liked very much to use the “dash-search” (zeitgeist): after pressing the super-key, I start to enter “xyz” and the shell proposes promptly the latest used files or apps, which names contain “xyz”.
Exists with budgie a similar function?

This would be very nice.

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Hi there, it does not exist out of the box. I have not yet heard of any third party app that does this type of HUD. You could get a “similar” function using a 3rd party launcher like ulauncher (If I remember correctly, it remembers - to a degree recent apps).

But this definitely would have to be fulfilled by a 3rd party app.

Yes… A one and only place, in one click reach, for recent files AND app’s is definitely a thing I miss from Unity too.

It’s weird a so convenient « shortcut » is nowhere else to be found. Plasma-KDE has something close to that.