Is there an indexed file search in 20.04?

Hi there, I’m new to budgie. I wonder if there is an indexed search in budgie 20.04 to search files by content?
If I do a search in nemo it searches in the names of files an folders. Catfish can search the content of some files but not common office files like .pdf, .odt, .docx.

Does this Q&A help?

Thanks for your quick reply.
I didn’t have an extra app in mind I have to launch before doing the search. So I installed tracker. But at least it has no effect to search function in the file app and catfish. Maybe I should give nautilus a try under budgie 20.04.

I use the mate-search-tool that can be installed via
sudo apt install mate-utils

Indeed tracker is not « bound » to Nemo.
Nautilus is.

Hi all,

now I installed nautilus and it serves me well. It has the same search functionality as windows explorer and finder on mac os. I don’t know why the team behind nemo decided not to implement the search file content. I’m sure there is a reason, but for now I’m fine with nautilus.

Thanls for your help, anyway!

Nemo can search the content of files … it uses tracker todo that.

The catch is that nemo needs to be compiled with tracker search. Debian has not used this option in its version of nemo. Ubuntu inherits the Nemo package from Debian.

So if you want to suggest using tracker you will need to file a request via Debian

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Thanks for your explanation! I didn’t know that.