Indexed file search in Budgies fielmanager (Nautilus). (With tracker?)

i’m looking for a indexed file search in budgie desktop (Ubuntu Budgie 18.04). I installed tracker which works perfectly on the command line. But The file manager “Dateien” (I think it’s Nautilus?) doesn’t find any files. How can I make Nautilus to use tracker as search provider?

Known issue … it isn’t specific to UB

Will this be resolved somewhen in Ubuntu Budgie 18.04?

UB will automatically inherit any fixes made by Canonical. So it depends if or when that bug report is fixed.

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I for one used the gome search tool until they deprecated it in 18.04. However, the MATE team does have an updated version named MATE Search Tool. You can install it with
$ sudo apt install mate-utilities-common

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