What are these "Search" settings used for?

I’ve been trying figure out where they are used, but they don’t seem to be used for anything? Perhaps they should be removed? Or is something with them planned, or did I miss something :slight_smile: ?

It would be so cool if the Budgie Menu Applet could do those things! :blush:


I’m also interested in what are these settings for.
Is there an indexed file search (Ubuntu Budgie 18.04)?

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They are not currently used in budgie.

This pane is part of GNOME control centre and cannot be hidden.

I think they are used either by tracker to control what it indexes or by gnome shell search.

In a future version on budgie it has been confirmed by upstream that budgie will no longer need gnome control centre. Where settings are relevant for budgie will be included in an enhanced budgie settings.

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Good thing too, because the current setup is rather confusing. I often want to go to System Settings and end up going to Budgie Settings instead, because it’s not clearly labelled in Raven (not to mention that the settings shortcut at the bottom used to lead to GNOME Settings).

If my memory serves me right, Cinnamon did much the same thing. They originally had a supplemental control center for the Cinnamon-specific settings, and then they replaced GNOME’s control center entirely. Good call on their part.

Don’t have it open in front of me, but I believe that the settings under the “Notifications” section also do nothing under Budgie.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe Tracker runs in the background in Budgie. When you search in Nautilus, it indexes the files ad hoc and gives you the result.

I wonder if Tracker-based search couldn’t be integrated into the Alt+F2 dialog. Currently, it doesn’t do much except for searching the app menu. At least throw us a bone and let us run commands from it!


In previous versions, we had worked to remove applications that utilized tracker (resources), and thus tracker itself.

@fossfreedom - Nothing has changed here, correct?

Ah yes. I remember now that you guys were working to lower system resources and that was one of the items that was removed. Probably a good thing since it’s not of much use in Budgie anyway.

No. This is an upstream issue. See the bug report