Few simple requirements

After using Budgie Desktop daily for last few days I need solution for some simple things.

  1. There is no way to search for app within “software center”. I want to install some app. When I open the Software Center, it shows me few categories like “work” and “graphics” etc. But when I open a category, there are hundreds of apps listed and no way to search. I have to scroll line by line to look for an app.
    Is there any way to just search for an app? There is search bar to search installed apps and options but I could not find any search bar or search option inside the Software Center.

  2. How to install new themes?

  3. How to place shortcut for installed app on my Desktop? I could ind option to place or lock them to dock but how to have them on desktop?

I know these might be very silly questions but it would be a great help if someone can provide solution. I tried searching for the solutions but could not find any concrete answer so posting this here.

Thanks in advance


First off, which version of Ubuntu Budgie are you using? The answer should be the same for all the recent releases but there may be minor variations.

  1. With Software Center, on the main “home” page there should be a magnifying glass in the top left corner on the title bar. Clicking this should show the search bar. (It is not there once you select a category)

  2. Ubuntu Budgie provided themes can easily be installed by Budgie Welcome with the Makeovers and Layouts button. We offer several Makeovers to try out. Some come pre-installed, but several more need to be installed. Makeovers will change the theme, font, cursors, and icons. But if you would just like the theme, the down arrow next to the Apply Makeover button on the Makeover selection page lets you select which parts to install. Or of course, you can change them through the Style section of Budgie Desktop Settings.

  3. The easiest way to add icons to the desktop is to drag and drop them from either the Budgie Menu or the file manager. You can also right click the desktop to add documents and folders to the desktop. Please note though, Desktop Icons must be enabled for this to work. They can be enabled through Budgie Desktop Settings in the Desktop section.

Thank you very much for the detailed reply,
It was bugging me why I can’t search anything when I open a category…
Honestly didn’t notice the search (magnifier) icon on the software center window until you pointed out.

And yes, the “Desktop Icon” option was disabled, didn’t know about it either.

so Thank you again

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