Alternative softwares for linux

Hi and sorry for my english,

I’m a newbie in linux world and I want put my laptop MSI GT63 Titan 8RG on Ubuntu Budgie.

On laptop on Windows I have Nahimic 3 to get better sound for movies, games etc.
I would like to know if an alternative exist on linux ?

Again on Windows I use Livedrive to backup my data, no disk space limit but not compatible with linux.

Do you know an alternative for linux ? I need only this alternative to switch.


I don’t know about Nahimic, but there are a lot of Livedrive alternative online backup solutions for Linux.

Thanks I’ll see for Livedrive.

no one know if an alternative to nahimic exist on linux ?

What Nahimic is supposed to do with your sound ?
Their website is quite evasive, and pretends they are « multi-platforms » while not available for Linux ?

It’s just a guess

And for fun How Does 3D Audio Work, and Is It Different from Surround Sound?

(…) 3D sound systems can place sound virtually in any space around the listener - including above and below - by tricking the listener’s ears.

Tricking… The idea is to add a vertical sound field, whereas 5.1 or 7.1 are limited to horizontal field. But still, those last two are physically panoramic and immersive.

for exemple he make voice higher for movies and he have a night mode for sound too.
with this software i can watch movies at 25% sound so without annoy people in home.

maybe this link is better to explain compared to the 1st i give earlier : Nahimic for Gamers

I saw OpenAL but I never understand how to use it.
I find Pulse… software too on linux but same problem and I can’t install the graphic mode.