Different music players? Alt Rhythmbox

Hey, I know we all love Rhythmbox because it works. (Don’t love the lack of visual interest, though) BUT I’m coming over from Apple, and I’ve grown to love the look of their iTunes music player, with all the album covers displayed. There are multiple music players for Linux, I like this one: Tauon. I had trouble using the flatpak, and installed it using the terminal instructions listed. It’s Python, not Electron, if that makes a difference to anyone.

What’s everyone else using?

I make use of Sayonara for 2 reasons :

  • displays cover art,
  • embeds cover art « inside » file whenever possible, so that my music keeps its face wherever I play it ( phone, other computer or os… )

Try Lollypop. It’s been my go to music player since late 2016. Reminds me of early iTunes experience.
It’s 99% perfect for me. The developers also make Eolie, a Gtk browser that is much better than Epiphany.

I remember trying Lollypop, but both Lollypop and Sayonara look like they’d fit the bill. Thanks for pointing them out, I’ll install them both and decide, like “Music-Player-Survivor-Island”

+1 for audacious… its the nearest thing to AIMP i can find on linux. If you install and enable the “ARK dark” GTK theme for your budgie desktop, then audacious will then be able to take on a respectable appearance likewise: