Looking for audio player


Can anyone recommend an audio player in the style of Audacious just for GTK?


Deadbeef. It’s not in the name… but it works well. Examples how well it integrates in the Budgie layout (with folder tree view, you can disable that if you don’t need it):

Rhythmbox sucks. Pardon me for the strong language but an audioplayer with a button that does nothing, only adds an empty UI bar, I cannot give a second chance…

For me after testing most if not all modern audioplayers, it is Audacious or Deadbeef.

Everything looks tiny in Audacious, could not figure out how to make it bigger and didn’t want to look for custom themes. Other than that it’s a great player except it misses Folders support, like Deadbeef has.

You can use my config by downloading the lib folder (it contains the config + plugins needed to get that view from the screenshots) and follow the instructions to copy it to your folder. Easy.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out.