Audacious 3.10 and Winamp Skins

Hello everyone; I’m a very recent Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 user. Only been using it about a week, but other than a quirk here or there (ie - backgrounds in slick greeter), I’m really enjoying it.

I migrated to Budgie after finding Solus, but not liking the package-manager; prior to Budgie, I was running Ubuntu 14.04 (for several years) - I ended up breaking that system with too many modifications, and it was time to move on.

Just for the purposes of this discussion: I am not a Linux or Unix newbie; I first touched Unix back in 1992 or so (AIX on an IBM RS/6000) - my first Linux was Monkey Linux on an old 386 laptop with 6 Mb of RAM (had to remove a stick to fit a custom built battery in it). Then I moved to Turbo Linux 2.0, then RH 5.2, then SuSE, flirted with Mandrake, yada yada.

I have been a professional software engineer since 1992, and programming in one language or another since 1984 or thereabouts. In short - I am not a newbie.

So - my issue. I recently (30 minutes ago) installed Audacious 3.10 (via the Web Upd8 PPA -; actually upgraded from the version in Budgie Ubuntu (trying to fix my issue).

My problem is that when I switch to use “WinAmp” skins, the player window disappears - but the settings window remains, and the music keeps playing. I can switch back to the GTK interface, and the window will re-appear. As far as I can tell, the skins are all installed properly and have full read permissions (user/group of root, rw-r–r-- permissions for all the files). Running from the terminal, I don’t get any errors - not on startup, nor on switching the interface between the WinAmp skins and the GTK interface.

I have not checked any other logs.

I am running the nvidia-390 proprietary driver on a GTX 750 ti - AMD cpu, 8 Gb, etc. If more details are needed, let me know.

I intend to try to reboot the system to see if that helps matters any, but I’m not holding my breath on it. If anyone has any insights, or suggestions, let me know.

Thank you!

If you don’t get a direct answer … you could raise an issue on their tracker … if anyone would know I guess it would be the devs!

I’ll keep that in mind; thanks for the tip!