New install and adapting

went from the amd phenomx2 4600+ to a core i7 based desktop now.
i got tired of the dial emulation while surfing. it loads a little slow.
interesting story that brought me back to budgie faster.
computer has DP and and analog output.
it will only give me wide screen through the DP so i played around in win10 for a bit til i got a DP to HDMI adapter, since i don’t have a DP cable, nor compatible monitor.

i had booted from usb with budgie 20.04lts just to check it out. at boot, i noticed an error early on in the boot process, but budgie came up and worked fine, and couldn’t see the win boot drive at that time. but i wasn’t looking for anything in it either.
so i go back to boot into win10, and nothing.
change cables and use a another plug in.
apparently plugging in a usb with another os killed the other drive. :grinning:
and adding the DP to HDMI adapter.

so i get back out the usb drive, and boot to budgie again and installed it on a blank 2tb hdd i had.
so now here i am back trying to figure out 20.04 after 18.
no more night light.
a few other things changed around.

biggest glitch i have is i like qbitorrent and trying to get it to recognize magnets.
i uninstalled transmission, and it finally asked about torrents and association, but won’t let me associate magnets to it.
and all the questions.
Do You Want To Do This or That?
i’m sure there is somewhere to turn that off.
already found there’s 2 clock timers to change from 24 to 12.

i can play 1080 x265s now too.
the i7 is much faster.
pages load almost instantly again.
it’s nice to get back to a faster computer.

so far i’ve been able to overcome the glitches in this over 18.
liker you need an app for screenshot now instead of printscreen button which wa just too easy i guess.
can you push this button?
nope. we got an app for that. :grinning:

i’m sure i’ll be back with some real problem at some time.
for qbittorent a right click and copy link then go to qbitorrent and hit open link and it works.
always nice to click and add, but 'll wait for the app. :rofl:
just having fun.
it might also be i installed the wrong one, since there seems to be a few of them.
works fine other than the magnetic link association trouble.
and whats with the little dots in the top right?
haven’t figured a purpose for them yet.

back to other things.
til the next problem.

Many notes and questions here…

Unfortunately that is a known bug - somewhere between budgie settings / mutter / gnome-control-center.

Maybe one for the clock shown on desktop + one for the « regular » system clock.

It’s the applet called « Visual Space » that tells you which app’s/windows are on which workspace.
I’m a bit sceptical too about that one, I prefer « workspace-switcher » applet, much more functional ( for my workflow ).

Mind that visual space icon is scrollable: with mouse on icon, simply scroll through workspaces.

Same with workspace-switcher - which seems much more instantaneous and « visual » ( to me, at least ). Can’t see any benefit from « visual space » above « workspace switcher » but I do mean to be taught - I’m pretty sure I had always missed the obvious point about it.

One should use what one likes, but visual space was created to take as little space in the panel as possible, give instant information on the(all) window(s) on a workspace, especially useful with multiple windows of the same application on a workspace, not having to wait after mouse-over, no extra clicks. That, together with same quick navigation through workspaces, is the concept of visual space. Some overlap, some differences.
If you don’t need or want the differences and don’t mind spending a bigger amount of space on the panel, don’t use it.

seems to make no difference how many dots were up.
but now i see what it’s for.
i’m just used to using my mouse scroll over the application icon to switch windows.
guess it’s nice to click directly.
i’ll try it out.
now, how about accepting magnet links without a copy/paste routine?

like i said. i’m learning.
i found the screenshot utility even myself.
i know files can be right clicked on for association within the your file storage, but how do you do a magnet link to set it?
copy/paste to text and call it a magnet?
i’ve never made one.
i’ll give that a try.
thanks for the input.

how do you add back “move to” in the right click context menu?
the new version has devolved back to just copy/paste or drag/drop it seems.