Audacity, not enough height for some tools…


UBudgie 20.04 here.

Is there any chance to « fix » that Qt thing somewhere ?

As you may see, text is barely readable in the boxes. Their drop down lists work ok though.

I don’t use audacity. Found this topic on their forum

Mmm… « This is highly dependent on the Desktop Theme and version of GTK your distribution’s WxWidgets is built against »

I don’t understand much how these GTK/Qt/WxWidgets work…

Audacity is Qt right ? Am I supposed to install the Qt theme matching my GTK one ?

audacity v4 is Qt based.

Correct me if my google fu is wonky … but I think the version in focal is not v4 … and thus is a Gtk based app.

Thus the theme is important here … my understanding is that the devs were very unhappy with the wxwidgets toolkit that produced issues probably like this so they switched very recently to Qt.

That should be available as a snap or flat pack at a guess

Audacity seems 2.3.3-1build1 in Focal.

But it does not look like GTK ?

Snap beta is 2.4.1, I’d give a try…

…looks better regarding tool box but menu is not sent to global-menu-applet and it’s in english.
Those light-grey bars look very win’95ish.
Beta version so maybe normal ?

If of any interest →

Snap Audacity beta has now its whole interface in the correct language, and its menus work correcty with global-menu-applet.

Still some out-of place background colors but I guess it’s related to how Qt/GTK make use of theme ?

( as in scribus → Scribus, hplip (Qt ) themed accordingly? ? )