Ubuntu 18 add rhythmbox control to volume applet

Is there a way to add rhythmbox control to the volume applet? This was a feature in earlier versions of Ubuntu. At one point you could add this feature using dconf-editor. That does not seem possible now.



Do check that you have enabled the rhythmbox mpris plugin - it will then appear correctly in Raven.

That plugin does not appear in my Rhythmbox (3.4.2) in Budgie 18.04 I could not find it in Synaptic either. rhythmbox-plugins is installed. Anything else I need to do?


I was wrong. The plugin is there in Rhythmbox and has been checked. There is no entry in Raven relative to sound other than above 100% option.


Enabling this plugin will show the rhythmbox controls in raven.

As I think you can see, mpris is selected (the highlighted section of the partially covered window) but I see no corresponding selection in Raven.

The rhythmbox volume control is not added to the sound applet. It is added to applets section in the top panel on the Raven Trigger.


Yes. I said it was displayed in raven…

Yes, you did. I interpreted your statement to refer to the Raven section of Desktop Settings, from which I assume one would then activate the inclusion of Rhythmbox in the volume applet, which where I was wanting to have appear as it once did in Ubuntu. Apparently that is not possible. I did not know there was such a critter as Raven Trigger. Still getting to know Budgie.

thanks again for your help! Muchly appreciated!!


What seems like eons ago - budgie-remix days - the distro included a system-tray icon


I forked the original project into this repo https://github.com/fossfreedom/rhythmbox-tray-icon

I note that the original project has had a few commits added since I forked - what I don’t know if either project works in modern versions of ubuntu budgie & rhythmbox. I suspect it doesnt and will need updating to work with Rhythmbox 3.x versions.

EDIT: good thing about opensource is that anyone can fork and maintain - I found this fork which according to the dependencies will work with modern rhythmbox versions