Help test budgie-desktop v10.5 for both 18.04 and 18.10

As part of our commitment to LTS users we offer two versions of budgie-desktop.

  • the stable and supported 10.4 version of budgie-desktop. This will continue to receive stability fixes throughout the LTS period
  • the ability to upgrade to the next version of budgie-desktop now found in 19.04 which is packed full of new capabilities - but obviously less tested. This will be offered through our backports PPA.

Similarly for 18.10 users we intend to provide the same version as 19.04 - again through our backport PPA.

The new release is where we need your help. We need testers to confirm that the 19.04 Ubuntu Budgie version of budgie-desktop works on 18.04 & 18.10.

Its very important to say - once you have finished testing you MUST purge the test PPA to return to the stable version of budgie. This test PPA will be eventually deleted and we don’t want to break your install!

In no particular order look out for the following:

  • Raven Sound Output widget enables you to do global as well as per-app volume control and output device changing
  • Raven Sound Input widget enables you to do microphone control and input device changing.
  • Ability to mute / unmute applications and an option to allow raising volume above 100%. Tweaks are available to better work across more GTK themes
  • Raven section in Budgie Desktop Settings. Under this section, you’re able to show and hide individual widgets as well as enable the ability to raise your volume above 100% in Raven.
  • Ability to enable window focus change to being on mouse enter / leave via the “Windows” section of Budgie Desktop Settings, as opposed to click-to-focus.
  • The “Fonts” section of Budgie Desktop Settings introduces a new Text Scaling option
  • Ability to dismiss individual notifications
  • Notification grouping on an application basis
  • Large Notifications are now truncated to prevent huge notification windows being displayed
  • Caffeine powered - new applet that prevents screen dimming and lock screen triggering. This is now the default on the panel
  • You can now middle click on the Bluetooth applet to toggle Bluetooth airplane mode.
  • You can now middle click on the Sound applet to mute and unmute global audio.
  • Workspace Applet revamped.
  • Icon Task List Grouping - displayed icons can optionally group the windows of the same application
  • Substantial new and updated translations for the desktop
  • Ability to set the Notification position (previously was always top right)
  • Launch new instance of an application via middle button on icon-task-list
  • Scrollup on icon button to focus
  • Sundry menu category has been eliminated
  • Center all new windows is now an option in budgie-desktop-settings
  • Power and printer notifications are no longer added to Raven notifications
  • Sound widgets in Raven are removed if there are no devices
  • Fix pinning issues with icon-tasklist-applet
  • Firefox tabs that have audio now shown as “Firefox” rather than “AudioIPCServer” in Raven
  • Slick Greeter now shows user wallpapers by default - can be changed via Menu Login Window
  • DIsable night-light when apps are using full-screen
  • Display week numbers in Raven Calendar
  • Default to not show the Power strip at the bottom of Raven
  • When desktop icons is switched off - extra option available to switch Displays

To help test please install our test backports PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/test-backports

Then use Menu - Software Updater to update as normal. Logout and login

IMPORTANT: after testing all the features above, purge the test PPA - I’ll reiterate - this PPA will be eventually deleted and having this PPA still active will break your package manager.

sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntubudgie/test-backports

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 19.04 version of budgie-desktop has animations switched off by default due to window artifacts appearing on some computer setups. This is a known issue upstream. You can test this by turning animations on & off in budgie-desktop-settings.

Confirm your test results here - I do need confirmation from multiple people that all is well. Without this I will not backport this version of budgie-desktop

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Testing on Real Machine or it is enough on Virtual Box?

I would prefer a real machine - real world tests show up issues with different setups that virtualbox will never show.

Your not going to like this.


Never mind – seems to now be a problem on a standard 18.10 system. Must have come in on a recent update.

I can test this but I don’t have access to my 18.04 LTS until Monday PM, I’ll report back then. Can you wait that long?

No hurry on this. And thanks :slight_smile:

Testing on Test on Thinkpad T450S with 18.10 installed.

  • Power and printer notifications are no longer added to Raven notifications
  • Launch new instance of an application via middle button on icon-task-list
    I probably am dense but I could not get this to work.

Possible bug, Libreoffice writer does not show up in Icon Task List?

To reproduce do this:

  1. launch tilix from the budgie menu
  2. launch Libreoffice Writer from either Budgie menu or Plank

I don’t see this behavior on my Thinkpad T510 running 19.04.

OK, for some reason the Icon Task List had Show all windows on click disabled. If enable this then Libreoffice writer shows up.

After testing and you delete the testing PPA, will my 18.10 Budgie Desktop remain on 10.5 or will it get downgraded? I’m guessing we’ll keep the PPA until 19.04 is released next month, correct? So we’ll remove the PPA and then upgrade to 19.04?

If you haven’t ppa-purge the ppa then your package management system will no longer update correctly.

I will be deleting the ppa in a few months time, but this is a test ppa and should only be used to help out testing not for the long term.

Once agreed to be successful the packages will be rebuilt for backports.

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testing machine: mac pro 1,1 12.8 GB ram, dual xeon core cpus, 250 GB HDD. I have the wifi card but not the bluetooth (couldn’t test the bluetooth components)

Backports for 10.5:
everything looks good. I’d say it’s good for prime time! EXCEPT:

  • the muting sound applet doesn’t seem to work
  • Sundry menu is still present.

All Good: Raven sound output did allow me global and per app audio control. Firefox shows up as Firefox with audio on youtube, I was able to raise the volume above 100%, I was able to switch input devices for microphone control (had to borrow my coworker’s microphone, explain what I was doing with a computer older than my son) notification positions are moveable, workspace applet seems fine. Caffeine indicator is 2.9.4. I centred all new windows from the desktop settings. Text scaling was present.

Hope that helps - still looks awesome! - Jason

Thanks Jason - were you testing 18.04 or 18.10?

Is this ppa still active? Tried on an 18.10 system and seems to be stuck on the 10.4 desktop.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/test-backports

Yes - still active.

You added the repo - good … did you run sudo apt upgrade ?

You added the repo - good … did you run sudo apt upgrade ?

Yes I did.



ignore the package version - it does have “10.5” in the name


budgie-desktop --version

It should report v10.5