Login Theme (Music)

I know this is going to sound silly to a lot of people. I just thought it would be a nice touch if we had a Login Theme (some kind of music) like Linux Mint and Ubuntu has. Maybe with the next major release? This is not a complaint… I’m totally satisfied with Budgie… it’s just a suggestion.

fair enough - not sure how that is implemented - so if anyone knows please share.

In terms of the music - is this the default ubuntu login sounds you are thinking of?

Or is this unique to our distro? If the latter - budding musicians are most welcome to come to the fore and share their creativity.

Does Ubuntu actually have a log-in sound? I used Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and - although only for a short period - 20.04 before I switched to Ubuntu Budgie, but I don’t remember a special log-in sound. The only sound I can remember is the Intel sound that plays the moment I switch on my laptop and the Intel logo appears.

This sound goes back many years and I don’t remember why it was removed.

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That sounds quite nice. It’s actually a pity that the login sound was removed at some point. On the other hand, I wonder what added value a login sound would actually have.

I think removing the sound had to do with people starting up computers in professional settings.There was a community competition to come up with a new login sound at one point and there were some nice entries , but none were added to Ubuntu.

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which installs :



if we are entertaining this, what about a bird call as the budgie start up sound?

At one point, Ubuntu had kind of a drum roll… not sure if they still do. Mint Cinnamon and even Linux Lite, both have a log in sound.

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I remember that and there were lots of complaints so it was removed.