Android emulator

I’m searching an android emulator for my unbuntu budgie laptop.
On windows i used bluestacks or nox but they aren’t avaible on linux :frowning:

I find some solution but don’t work on my laptop :

  • anbox : I arrive to install it but I can’t start it
  • android-86 in kvm : I installed it and some games but I can’t start games because for incompatibility
  • bluestacks in a windows in kvm : can’t start it because of processor even if i had it on the same laptop on windows
  • nox : can’t install it

Someone can help me to find a solution who work ?

You can look into Bliss OS . I runs in Virtual Box, but is wifi only .

Thanks I didn’t know this one.

I tryed in KVM but I can’t modify to take all the screen size. the screen still in 4:3 on a 1080p screen.

Don’t work for some games I play :frowning: maybe because I didn’t installed virtio drivers but I don’t know how I can do it.

You can also use Genymotion. There is a free version for personal use

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Thanks i’ll try but that works with VirtualBox so not sure that allow my to play all games.

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    I tried with some phone type and I can’t find some games in the playstore and the one i find he start but crash when i really enter in game

I have tried Genymotion, but does it require installing the Google services in order to get access to the Play store?

yes in the right side click on the arrow at the bottom and install Open…, after you reset the VM and you have access to the playstore in app list

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I have been able to get the Play store working, is it also possible just like on normal Android devices to where other app stores were able to be side loaded on the genymotion virtual machines? Also, do you know if there is a way to change the storage size for the virtual machines? I am only able to see how to change the RAM, but not the storage.