Budgie on this type of Android TV


This is half wishlist, half inquiry.

There’s a company in China that makes Mini PCs and Android TVs that I like. I like them because their units are reliable and they actually seem to give a damn about fixing things. I ordered this tiny Android TV from them –


– and asked for two features. They fixed one of them within hours and provided an OS update. The other fix took a week to arrive. AMAZING.

What I was trying to do was make a TV box behave like a Chromebox. Installed Android Nova Launcher, made it look more like a tablet, and wanted to give it to a young friend as her first ‘computer’. The problem was that every step of the way Android ‘resisted’ this. I ended up selling on eBay.

My question is if Budgie 1) can be successfully installed on this type of unit and 2) run well enough to bother doing so? I currently have Budgie on a Quad Core Apollo Lake Celeron. Would the Rockchip quad core be a bad idea for a downgrade? Here’s more specs –


What makes this tempting is a nice 1080p monitor, solid keyboard and mouse, and the unit with 32GBs of storage would be $235ish. New.

Packages exist for budgie-desktop running arm64 and armhf

I don’t have any experience with that box and arm in general. But in principle if that arm cpu is arm64 or armhf compatible then you should be able to install Ubuntu on it. You will probably have to start with the netinst iso that is available for both arm variants and build up from there.

Interesting. Thanks. I see this but know it’s WAAAAAAY over my head. :rofl:


Full arm support is not something the current team can offer simply because we don’t have the hardware to develop and test with.

Happy though to have someone to join the team that has a variety of arm boards themselves and the experience to package stuff for these.

hey there, I think you might look at Ubuntu Mate, I think they have a separate ARM variant, ready to load directly onto raspberry Pi and other arm devices. Looks cool!