Anyway to modify windows shuffler for weird resolution?

Hi, im not sure Im at the right place but trying anyhow. Im using Ubuntu-Budgie on a Matebook X Pro from Huawei, this laptop has a native resolution of 3000x2000. Ubuntu is doing a great work with it, only had to force some scaling on some app, such has spotify.

I would like to use the windows shuffler tool when using several app at once, unfortunatly it doesnt work as intented at all. Like most right tile is at the center of the screen. Half the screen isnt covered, as if the app was stuck on 1920x1080.

An exemple might be either to understand :screenshot.. I asked shuffler to put chrome to the most right tile there. Thanks for any input. If another app works to do the same thing and work with ubuntu budgie, I’d be interested to know about it too, cheers!

Hi @Alex0s, This is the right place to mention this. At first sight, I don’t know why this is happening, but I must admit I did not test Shuffler on huge resolutions, since I don’t have one available.
Thanks for mentioning this, and we’ll look into it!
If you can, would you open an issue here:

@Alex0s excellent, thanks for posting the issue. :+1:

This distro rocks! I love it. Thanks a lot for your work on it. I’ll help as I can, which means report bugs for now. But if there is a way to be a guineapig to try draft of code, I’ll do that too.

A tile windows-manager and a fingerprint working are the two thing missing to a perfect set-up here. Ubuntu-budgie is the smoothest install I’ve ever done. Cheers.

:blush: Thanks a lot, we might very well get back to you on this!

Is your screen 4k? I have one I can test with, however, I am away until Monday to do so.

Nope not 4k…It’s 3000X2000 it’s a weird resolution nowadays but it’s one of the oldest ratio used, 3:2, aka 24/36, the most used photographic picture ratio ever used. If I knew where to look to play with code I’d try to but Im a newb heh.

I am sure it is not the ratio. I tested it with a dual screen setup, one 16:9, one “classic” 2:3. Both worked fine. I assume something weird is happening with the huge resolution.

@Alex0s to find out if the issue is on the “info” side (to see if the corresponding functions return the correct values on the situation) or the execution side (to find out if the windows are placed as the command asks) I probably need to give you an edited version of shuffler. I am not at home currently though, and not sure if I will be in the next week or so. Need to get back to you after the holiday.

… guessing here. Could be due to using the scaling options visible in settings - displays. Maybe the visible resolution calculations are getting confused over scaling 2x or 3x etc

Anyway as I said guessing.

@fossfreedom Looks like a plausible explanation!

@Alex0s just to limit the search in advance a bit. If you don’t use scaling at all , does the issue occur?

Nope! When I change the scaling back to 100% it works as it should, But when switching back to 200%, as it is needed, shuffler bugs. Scaling is definitly the problem here. Good guessing @fossfreedom!