Window Shuffler

Its not really an applet - but @vlijm has been very creative with a nice GUI method to move/tile windows.

Need some feedback - thoughts?

Demo here -

How to install and setup is described here

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This has now been added to 18.04. Just update as normal logout and login.

To activate window shuffled press meta-S I.e. Windows key and the S key.

Instructions will be given on first activation.

We would love to get your thoughts. @vlijm FYI

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Is it part of the default load?

Yes. Part of the default load

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UB Dev Jacob has added a new feature to Window Shuffler

Available sometime over the weekend to 18.04 testers

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And the final 18.04 release - full run through of the keyboard and GUI friendly capability


Is this the only way to install it ? I am using 18.04

Make sure you are fully up to date and ensure the package budgie-desktop-environment is installed. That is all you need .

LOL I will try to find if I have that installed (or please let me know how as I am not a Linux Guru yet) and as for the WIndow Shuffler I will try to follow the steps :slight_smile:

I’ll pass on it for now LOL

Will install it one day when there is a " Click here " way to install it or sudo apt install something from the CLI

I am not there yet :slight_smile:

Thanks. Worked for me.

Hello! Sorry to be late to the party, but what is this applet called? I can’t find it in my Ubuntu Budgie installation, and I have the budgie-desktop-env. installed.

just press Alt + S - its preinstalled

Ah… Never figured that! Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:

Another question. Can I somehow make the mouse show it? Eg. so if I drag on the left side of my screen (not only the top corner). I guess I’m looking for something more like GridMove on Windows 10. Where I can have a set och default places to drag my screen and it will make it that size. :slight_smile:

More like this set-up (each number represent an area to drag the window and make it into a size)

It reminds me…

Ctrl + Alt + 1-9 ( from numeric pad ) where 7 is for top left corner, 8 for top half, 9 for top right, 6 for right half, 3 for right bottom, aso…

Dear Unity, you had everything needed but people did not want to see it.

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Indeed. Such capability is in 19.04 and later

Wait, those shortscuts are in 19.04 and forward? Because then in theory it should be possible I guess to make some kind of plugin to use those “grids”

Yes - that’s the shuffler_nogui part as described here in the README

So - sure it would be possible to create a wrapper around shuffler. I’ll leave that to an enterprising dev.

I’m struggling a bit with this plugin. I changed the shortcut and I tried keeping the original shortcut, but it fails to open a lot. It just does nothing until I have pressed the key more than ten times. Because I wanted to install gTile and try that (I also think it works a bit snappier), but I can’t install gnome shell extensions on Budgie. :slight_smile: Or at least I haven’t figured out a way to do it. Anyone else have this problem?