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Window placement and shortcuts


In 18.04, window shuffler is introduced. The idea is to:

  • add a number of cli options to shuffler, so user can create his or her own shortcuts to arrange windows, without having to call the grid first
  • add shortcuts to place the active window in the four quarters of the screen to the set of default shortcuts, like we had in the past in Unity and Gnome.



Question on this: the Shuffler still needs to be manually installed, correct? I’ve been playing with this for a bit after a manual install and really like it. I think user shortcuts would be great.


On a full install shuffled should be available out if the box. Press meta+s to activate


Oh, OK, so I installed it over the existing program :slight_smile:. I haven’t checked yet, but do you have anything explaining about it in Budgie Welcome? It would be nice if YouTube reviewers knew about it. I haven’t heard anyone comment on it yet and it’s a killer feature. I have an 3440x1440 wide monitor and use it all the time…


It is something definitely that needs to be added to budgie-welcome. Just very busy to implement - but everyone is welcome to help out. Budgie Welcome is basically just HTML pages BTW.


…But great to hear you like it :slight_smile:


I could try to type up a quick blub this coming weekend if I have time based on Jacob’s descriptions and resources for the Welcome app if that would help.


Sure thanks!

Obviously needs to be short and to the point. Needs to be appropriate to the position in the welcome app