Shuffler keyboard shortcuts not working

Hi, thanks for developing this tool, which really seems to address my needs to handle big displays efficiently.
I really appreciate the possibility to arrange windows hands-on-keyboards only, but sadly the keyboard shortcuts dont work for me.
I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and installed the budgie desktop (mainly because of the built-in window-shuffler).
Binding ctrl-alt-s to /usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler/togglegui in gnome control center / keyboard panel, I am now able to call the gui, but none of the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in shuffler_control work. E.g. ctrl-alt-right is predefined to switch to right workspace, irritatingly this isn’t listed in the gnome-keyboard-panel list and so I cant undbind it. Anybody else faces the same issues?
Having the option to make use of windows-shuffler keyboard-only would be great, any help appreciated.

Wait, not sure how you got where you are. You installed Budgie desktop over Ubuntu (gnome)? Ubuntu Budgie comes with Budgie desktop (on Ubuntu), but separate Budgie Desktop does not include shuffler, which was developed by Ubuntu Budgie, not Budgie Desktop (Solus).
So my question is, if you want Ubuntu + Budgie Desktop, why not install Ubuntu Budgie? Also if you didn’t, then how did you install Shuffler?

Just to check - you have logged out and logged in after ticking the options in Menu - Shuffler Control?

You shouldn’t need to bind CTRL+ALT+S to anything via Settings - Keyboard.

Well, installed Ubuntu on a Dell Precision which was a pita because it’s a dual boot setup with billocked Windows and an NVMe-Drive for linux so that the uefi had to be updated and what not. To cut a long mess short, I am very happy to have working ubuntu setup. Searching for a good display tiling tool a stumbled over window-shuffler, which i first installed seperatly than installed the whole budgie desktop to get a better support (and which I enjoy more than the gnome desktop). Last step is the update from 19.10 to 20.04 this night and with it upgrade to windows-shuffler II.
tldr: I am quite happy to have a working Gnome Ubuntu + Budgie desktop setup and I am not inclined to risk loosing more time by re-installing native Budgie-Ubuntu.

Yes, I did log in and out. I would say, several times. But just to be sure I re-logged out and in…

And now everything works!

So embarrassing… ## 0_o ##

Sorry for bothering you, thanks for your help, and … awesome tool, I /really/ spent way too much time not only on linux but on windows as well searching for something like this - 1st tool that gets it right!