Windows Shuffler does not work when Display in scaled mode

Hey everyone,

When I use the Windows Shuffler with a resolution of (3840x2026) with %200 Scale mode. My windows seems to be tiled only to quarter of a screen instead of using the entire screen. It seems Window Shuffler assumes it only has 1/4 of the screen, somehow.

Very nice feature, I have written custom applications just for this :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Which shuffler are you using (which UB version)? Latest is scaling/4k proof :slight_smile:

I downloaded: ubuntu-budgie-18.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso. Do not know how to look for the version of Shuffler. I use Display settings to set the Scale factor.

Testing it in VirtualBox with Guest Additions, though.

Below is a screenshot after what happens when I do ‘Arrange visible Windows’:

Shuffler was recently completely rewritten. UB 20.04 version is scaling savvy.

OK. I have installed 20.04 and it seems Super + S key is not available anymore. I found the WIndows Shuffler app from the applications and enable it. But the keymap associated with it (default Ctrl + Super+ A is not working). Not sure how to trigger the Shuffler.

ONe more issue is when you click the menu in scaled mode(res:3840, scale factor 2x) it is not rendered correctly, the icons are rendered according to the lower res but menu window is not.

Ah. you probably didn’t log out/in?

Thanks for the tip. I had not logged out(BTW, it would be nice to tell the user that changes in this Window require a logout), but when I logged out I have seen another issue:

When I set my scale factor and then restart, somehow display system resets settings to default. (scale factor again becomes 1x) I think this issue is related with Fractional Scaling. When I disabled that, change scale value and restart, everything started working.

Fractional scaling isn’t really supported in GTK based desktops very well - its kind of a kludge patch produced by Canonical devs a while back. I’m guessing they have done this trying to get more feedback via ubuntu-bug type reports.

We’ll have to look at this ourselves at some-point when we get our hands on 4K based machines/displays.

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Thanks for your help!