App menu erroneous arrow

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with @vlijm regarding an arrow in the upper right app tray that sometimes shows up and won’t go away.

Basically, sometimes there’s an arrow that appears just outside of the applet menu in the upper right; it’s unclickable, and until recently, the only way that I could resolve it was to restart. It would always appear on top of all other windows. The image in the link shows a black arrow; in my case it was white but I doubt that matters.

My budgie version is 10.4. Output of budgie-panel --replace& is:

(budgie-panel:21806): libpeas-WARNING **: 10:11:25.966: Error initializing Python Plugin Loader: PyGObject initialization failed
ImportError: could not import gobject (error was: ModuleNotFoundError("No module named 'gi'",))

(budgie-panel:21806): libpeas-WARNING **: 10:11:25.966: Please check the installation of all the Python related packages required by libpeas and try again

(budgie-panel:21806): libpeas-WARNING **: 10:11:25.967: Loader 'python3' is not a valid PeasPluginLoader instance

** (budgie-panel:21806): CRITICAL **: 10:11:25.969: manager.vala:730: Failed to find extension for: ShowTime
** Message: 10:11:26.109: libsession.vala:50: DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID not set, session registration may be broken (not running budgie-desktop?)

** (budgie-panel:21806): WARNING **: 10:11:26.889: BudgieMenuWindow.vala:298: Software has no parent directory, not adding to menu


You’re probably right that it was DropBy; DropBy was in the applet menu, and it was taking up a sliver of space, but removing it did not also remove the arrow.

Also, I mentioned something about the clock crashing – it’s not the clock, but the calendar app that crashes somewhat frequently when RAM is low.

Anyway, thanks!

No problem!

Would be interesting to catch what error the Calendar applet drops. If you ever have time, would you open a terminal and run the command budgie-panel --replace&, and then leave the terminal open (minimized if you like). Then if the Calendar applet crashes, Curious to the last section of the terminal output.
As said, only if you have time.

You need this package which oddly is missing from your install python3-gi